Restoring Self Cohesion

Historically, there has been a vast chasm between psychoanalysis and the church. As a result, many of the incredible faith-based inner healing and freedom ministry models have been sequestered from practitioners in psychology. And inversely, the profound brilliance of psychoanalysis - specialized in helping identify, surface, and resolve personality dynamics and unconscious roots to symptoms - tends to be ignored by many inner-healing ministers.

Consequently, Christians have developed wonderful faith-based models of inner healing and freedom ministry that lack awareness of the personality structure in how we filter, perceive, and engage with the world and relationships around us. 

Building upon the work of Relational Psychoanalyst it is the aim of the Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) approach to offer a spirit-led approach to bridge that chasm in a fluid approach that honors the biological-psychological-social and spiritual realities of the our internal world.

RSC provides a unifying model that creates a frame by which the profound insights of personality structure and relational templates, offered by relational psychoanalysis, can harmoniously blend with spirit-led models of inner healing in a fluid approach that remains within the boundaries of empirically supported psychotherapy.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, it is the glory of kings to search it out. RSC provides a thorough, and nuanced understanding of the personality structure, as well as the social, emotional, and spiritual dimensions that serve as the context from which our our’ symptoms are rooted.

Each human is brilliantly unique! Crawford Clinics is committed to tailoring our approach to honor and celebrate the nuances of each unique client. RSC provides a unifying model that creates a frame by which the profound insights of personality structure and relational templates, offered by relational psychoanalysis and object relations theory, can harmoniously complement a spirit-led model of psychotherapy. From this model, our therapists help you feel like yourself again!

RSC is founded upon the understanding of the triune nature of the human psyche, spirit-soul-body, in which there are separate parts collectively constructing your internal world. As with an orchestra, when each part of the self is cohesive, the soul functions like a perfectly harmonious symphony.

However, throughout our lives, there have been countless breaches that have wounded parts of the self. As creative beings, when wounded, many individuals create an internal infrastructure built upon internal vows of self-protection. 

The soul works on efficiency, in which a part of the self, absorb the negative feelings and beliefs of the event(s). It is too painful to walk around with these negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, so we compartmentalize these parts of us into the unconscious. These parts of the self, deem as “bad,” “shameful,” “weak,” “angry” or “vulnerable” etc., are disavowed. 

This often includes disavowing or quarantining the part of ourselves that absorbed that pain or anger into an unconscious room and another part of the self, taking on the role of being the defender to ensure that part-of-self remains disconnected from the our conscious perception of self. 

There is no trashcan inside, meaning, a literal parts of the soul absorb the unresolved pain, dynamic, wounds; thus, this part of us remains “stuck” or regressed at the age of the event. The rest of the personality structure matures concurrent with the age of the individual, while the regressed part of self, held under a spiritual stronghold, remains emotionally and relationally stuck at the age of the event. This disparity between conscious, age-appropriate parts of self, from unconscious parts of self, leaves us confused by reoccurring thoughts, feelings, and behavior that do not match our current age or view of ourselves. 

Furthermore, we are bewildered by the fact that no matter how much effort we put in, our "symptoms" do not remit. This is because you have two competing operating systems, the conscious mind [like computer software] and the unconscious mind [like a computer hard drive] are vastly different requiring strategically different approaches. 

In order to target our goals, we need to upgrade, not just our mindsets, but the unconscious hard drive from which our symptoms derive. We need an approach like Restoring-Self-Cohesion, designed to streamline your mental health journey by helping you recognize misalignments, resolve unconscious conflicts, and restore your sense of self back to its original design for you to thrive. 

Many are frustrated by going from counselor to counselor with minimal progress that over time wanes. Restoring-Self-Cohesion is the approach to help us maintain our treatment gains. In RSC, we learn how to upgrade our conscious and unconscious mind into cohesive alignment. Consciously, we learn how to take our thoughts captive, operate under a spirit of self-control in our will, and learn how to steward instead of avoiding/being controlled by our emotions. Secondly, we gain the corrective relational experience to resolve unconscious regressions, dynamics, and maladaptive relationship patterns wo we can thrive instead of succumbing to the imprints of the past.

Traditional counseling tools upgrade the conscious mind; providing tools, skills, resources, modeling etc. that help us create new conscious neuro-networks from which to productively engage the world around us. Restoring-Self-Cohesion approach then dives deeper into the hard drive, tailoring the therapeutic work to rewire the deeper foundational personality structure and templates by which we automatically and unconsciously relates with ourselves, others and the opportunities around us. RSC is a spirit-led hybrid approach, combining traditional counseling with depth psychology  to help you upgrade both your software and your hard drive in order to restore cohesion and thus unity and collaboration among all parts of self. RSC is designed to help restore synergy to your internal world so you can thrive in your feeling like yourself, build sustainable relationships, and pursuing your life purpose.


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