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Tired of staring at a blank canvas? Frustrated at yourself for procrastinating? Unable to create as your mind going blank? Freezing instead of being able to perform? You are NOT alone! Creative blocks happen to all of us! But with the right approach, you can gain the keys to unlock your creative blocks!  

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Being creative is simultaneously a fantastic gift and, at times, can feel like a curse. As a creative, you see the world differently. You are made to influence the world around you. Crawford Clinics offers the holistic approach tailored specifically for leaders, creatives, and influencers to unlock your internal world and open your potential so you can express your creativity with joy and ease. The world is better when you feel like yourself and create from a thriving soul instead of bogged down by burnout, striving, internal and external limitations, and second guessing yourself. Our team is here to invest in you to remove creative blocks so you can maximize your creativity!

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When you're ready to take your creative gift to the next level, optimize your creative expression through the innovative Creative Incubator Group where you will learn the keys of optimal performance in a virtual group of your peers to gain support, strategy, and restore your first love in creative expression! The groups are intentionally kept small to foster relational equity fostering.

🎨 What Is the Creative Incubator?
The Creative Incubator Group is a revolutionary movement designed to empower artists, influencers, and creators like you to overcome the hurdles stifling your imagination so you can positively influence the world with your gifts! Through a unique fusion of innovative techniques, psychological insights, and activations, we're here to help you skyrocket your creative output while nurturing your mental well-being. 

*This is NOT a therapy group NOR psychological advice. This is a supportive safe space to explore your creative blocks with practical activations to help you identify and resolve unconscious dynamics undermining your internal world.  Apply with link below: 

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You're made to influence! What's your creative expression?

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Life provides opportunities... It's up to you if you move forward with those opportunities or hold yourself back. 

Control is the biggest killer of creativity. 

Once you learn how to release the safety of what you've known, willing to be the novice, to boldly step into the unknown, you can forge a new path. 

You can be the author of your life... BUT IT'S BORING. 

What if you embraced the reality that there is a larger purpose for why you're here? 

I love hearing from my clients who felt average until they stepped off the pages of their story and onto the pages of the one being written for them. The remarkable transformations don't happen in spaces where we are comfortable. Epic lives come from embracing the adventure - one risk at a time. What risks are standing before you now?

Hear from phenomenal Recording Artist, Jasmine Tate, who unexpectedly stumbled into a life she had dreamt of but never knew how she could get there... and now it's her everyday life! 

I love the side hustles bringing joy to Recording Artist Moses Uvere as he shares his journey - as a creative - and how he has not limited himself but continues to develop more of his creativity through various opportunities in life! Life is what you make it! Your creative gift is not just for you. Your gift is intended to positively influence the world around you! 

What if you suddenly knew how to expertly play the guitar, paint, or dance? I've worked with so many people who suddenly developed a new talent that started as a hobby... and before they knew it... they realized, it's no longer a side hustle, it is - the thing - they are on the earth to do! 

Have you ever done something, irrespective of how good you are at it, that you feel completely alive doing it? What if the desire is a clue as you embark on the treasure hunt of discovering your creative niche? 

What if your pain, your story, and your life experience are not random? What if it's all part of the raw material being used to construct a larger tapestry being woven? You can't see the completed version yet, so life still feels messy with lots of seemingly "random" odd jobs, weird moves and dead ends... Instead of it being random, maybe you're being prepared to carry so much more? 

When you arrive in your future, there will be clarity. Today may be foggy, but if you keep your heart and eyes open, you'll start to recognize the signs pointing you in the right direction... Our team would love to walk alongside you, to unpack your past, rebuild, and construct a future where you feel truly alive!


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