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Experience the difference of mental health tailored to YOU! 

It’s long past due that we learn how to come out of the dark ages of using - willpower alone to resolve our mental health issues - Mind over mood may work initially - but over time the thoughts, feelings, and habits return. We’re tired of dealing with the same issues and gaining only temporary relief. This is because, we are far more complex than a reductionistic behavior-modification approach to mental health. There are various unconscious dynamics producing our mood issues, relationship patterns, and career-path saboteurs. 

Without insight on how to resolve those unconscious dynamics we end up burnt out from trying to whack-a-mole our symptoms. 

As someone who grew up with major depression, self-harm, perfectionism, self-sabotage, an eating disorder, self-hatred, unhealthy relationship patterns, and an internal dictator criticizing EVERYTHING I did, I know what it’s like to be paralyzed by symptoms that no amount of willpower can overcome. I’m not just a clinical psychologist sharing advice, I am a human who has personally struggled. 

I know the pain you’re feeling and I know how hard it is to hope that anything will ever change. 

As a clinical psychologist for over 10 years, leadership coach, and adjunct professor for 6 years, in creating a thorough synthesis of the various psychotherapy models by meticulously researching the field of psychology, I have innovated the celebrated Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) model to delineate the process of helping you get unlocked from internal prisons that have kept you stuck. 

My passion is to streamline the process that myself and our team have taken hundreds and hundreds of clients through, in order to help you learn how to steward your mental health, relationships, and vocational goals by learning how to work WITH their internal world instead of working against it. 

It is my passion to empower you to gain the internal upgrades you need to get free of inner struggles so you can thrive and ENJOY being YOU.

The goal of the Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) model, is to remove shame and self-blame. It is not your fault that you are struggling; there is far more going on inside than you can fathom. Having a certified RSC therapist will help you appreciate your magnificent design. You are far more complex than you realize. The RSC approach will help you understand the unconscious roots to your mental health issues, depression and anxiety, frustrating relationship patterns, and behavior/impulse struggles. 

Once you have understanding, your RSC therapist will take you through a  streamlined process of helping bring resolution to the unconscious misalignments that have been producing the frustrating symptoms. 

RSC helps you learn how to resolve internal conflicts and restore alignment so you can feel like yourself and live a life of purpose and passion. 

You are here for so much more than a bland average life… You are created for a purpose to live a life of meaning, significance, and your gifts and talents are in you to invest in the world around you! 

Once you have completed phase 1 of the deep dive of your internal world with your certified RSC therapist, you’re ready to embark on phase 2 of your optimization journey! In phase 2, you’ll go through a Passion-Inventory-Process to awaken and clarify your life purpose and create a vision and strategy plan to move forward in your life calling.

 - Sincerely, 

your biggest fan, Dr. Shannan Crawford

You are here for a life of purpose and passion! Life is short. Do what you Love!


At Crawford Clinics., your well-being is our top priority! Our highest aim is to do our best to help you get unstuck so you can progress toward the life and goals that would ultimately be best for you. We are happy to provide referrals and to collaborate with other professionals to offer the most well rounded and holistic approach to your care.

We will create tailored therapy goals designed to meet your unique needs. It is the aim of this practice to honor and celebrate who you are and the greatness of who you are intended to be, we’ll help empower you with the tools, skills, and knowledge you will need to overcome the challenges and obstacles that have hindered you from thriving in life.

Our goal is to help you remove obstacles so you can fulfill your greater purpose and enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of!

With a team vetted and trained by Dr. Shannan Crawford, a gifted, insightful, and seasoned clinical psychologist, our specialized approach combines psychodynamic orientation, tools of positive psychology, and faith-based freedom techniques alongside the innovative Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) model to deliver a well-rounded and multidimensional experience to maximize your success.

For more information about Restoring-Self-Cohesion, provide your email and we will email you the Restoring-Self-Cohesion article published on the AACC website.


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