Work and Career Issues

Most of us spend more time at work than at home, therefore the workplace should be an environment where we feel safe and comfortable. However, because work is where a bunch of different personalities, communication styles, and worldviews gather around, things don’t always go smoothly. In fact, workplace bullying is on the rise and though statistics vary, some studies reveal that nearly half of all American workers have been affected by this problem, either as a target or as a witness to abusive behavior against a co-worker.

Examples of common workplace issues include:

  • Poor job fit
  • Mental anguish
  • Sexual or verbal harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Low motivation and job dissatisfaction

How a Therapist Can Help

Therapy for work and career issues can help a person develop a better understanding of their wants and needs as well as approach alternative ways to handle tension while on the clock.  Therapy is a neutral setting where patients can discuss their fears, worries, or stressors, and regain control of their happiness.

Psychotherapy tends to work well when addressing workplace issues because talk therapy such as this can effectively treat depression and anxiety that can stem from these conflicts. A mental health professional can also teach coping skills that will help a person manage work-related stress.

Our team of seasoned psychologists, counselors, and coaches not only have extensive education and training, but also rich personal lives in which we have explored vast aspects of our own career seasons! We would love to invest in you as your explore, 1) explore career path options. We can help you craft your unique career plan and then move backward to identify the action steps you'll need to accomplish that path, 2) enrich, expand, explore, and upgrade in your current career, 2) launch into a new business, 3) help you in a pivot season to explore new opportunities, 4) if you've already accomplished your career goals, we would love to help you recognize ways you can now give back, mentor, write, speak and lead in your area of expertise. 

Life has so many twists and turns - which can make you a nervous wreck - or, if approached from a healthy soul - can bring fullness and vibrancy to the layers woven together to craft your unique career journey. 

Hear from others who have had UNEXPECTED career twists! Where are you in your career trajectory? Are you starting out, pivoting mid-career, or growing what you're already investing into? Crawford Clinics enjoys being your go-to team of therapists and coaches, to help you in each segment of your career journey!


You gotta love the story of the obscure nobody who hits the market just right! Maybe you're the next industry leader? If you don't have degrees, connections, or two cents to rub together, don't worry you're in good company... most truly successful leaders are the mavericks who have the innovative idea and the sheer grit to not give up! So don't give up on your idea:

Make sure you are stewarding what you already have. Sometimes we are so far in the future, planning for the next big thing that we lose sight of our current budget and being on-point with the season you're in now. Once, you have got a good handle on your current season, be careful of stagnation. Now is the time to write the vision; dream impossible dreams. Get to work with what you have and surround yourself with those going in the same direction! Hear more from Ben Humble our Unlock U podcast guest who is a real estate investor who was already a millionaire by age 30 and continues to be The Who's Who in the investment real estate world! 

Maybe you have an idea that may be the next industry exploder! But where do you start? For all of our inventors and innovators our there, if you have a unique patent idea, be aware of the business side of inventing. Protect your assets and think ahead to establish the business structure that can scale to the growth you know your product is capable of producing. As with all industries, document, document, document. Protect your intellectual property. At the beginning stages it is imperative to be wise and discerning whom you share your intellectual property. Build the right team around you! There is nothing sadder than an inventor who sees that someone else already produced the product they dreamt of but never acted on. Brilliant business strategist, Allison Cartwright, is a veteran coach who specializes in helping inventors vet and develop your idea! From concept to product distribution. Today is a wonderful day to take action in developing your intellectual property into a product that enriches the world!


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